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About Prophet E. RAVI

      Prophet E. Ravi was born into a traditional Hindu family in the Coal mining town of Kothagudem, Telangana State, India. At the age of 17 Years, someone told that Jesus Christ is good God and handed over a Bible Tract. Those words touched him and he started reading more about Jesus and accepted him as his saviour and the true God. Bro. Ravi started praying and worshiping the Lord besides reading the Bible again and again. During the age of 18 years, while in prayers, he was touched by the Lord and was filled with the Holy Spirit. Later, his parents and all family members accepted Jesus Christ and left their original religion.

During 19 years of age, the Lord’s calling into full time Ministry was revealed to Bro. Ravi through powerful men of God. In due course, the same was also directly revealed to Bro. Ravi through the Lord’s Vision. After this second assertive confirmation of the Lord, he quit his undergraduate course at 21 years. After fasting and praying for 40 days, Bro. Ravi put forth his first steps towards sharing the Gospel with people around. Later, he started evangelical Ministry in villages and hamlets, cycling 30 to 40 Kilometers per day, spreading the good news of Lord Jesus Christ. His prayers were answered by the Lord and people used to receive instant healing from many ailments and diseases. In the course of bringing souls to the Lord’s Kingdom, the foundation for a full fledged NON-DENOMINATIONAL Ministry, “Resurrection of Jesus Ministries”, was started in the year 2001.

In the year 2006, the Lord spoke to Bro. Ravi, and revealed that his Grace should be taught to the people. Preaching on the good Lord’s grace and mercy, freed people from the clutches of self-condemnation. From then on, great miracles, healings and blessings manifested in the lives of people who were receiving Bro. Ravi’s sermons.

In the year 2013, the Lord brought Bro. Ravi to Hyderabad where he started GRACE REVOLUTION CHURCH. Within a span of 18 months, the congregation at Hyderabad grew above 1000 people. We welcome you to minister the Word in our Sunday services. Bro. Ravi also travels to other countries to share the Gospel.

All three Sunday services in the Church are also streamed live on the web. Videos are uploaded to YouTube and other free hosting sites. Moreover, Bro. Ravi’s messages are also aired on a couple of Christian Television channels. As a result, miracles and healings are witnessed by people, who in turn are accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Lord has been using Bro. Ravi mightily for the past 23 years and he has been a blessing to many. Evangelists from remote areas are being trained and mentored by Bro. Ravi.

Bro. Ravi is desirous of sharing the Gospel through secular television channels in India, to draw gentiles to the Lord. At the same time, the Ministry is being extended to help the under-privileged in terms of not only sharing the Gospel, but also in other aspects of life such as poverty alleviation, education and health etc.

Bro. Ravi is married to Ms. Roja in the year 2004. They have been blessed with a Son and Daughter aged 10 and 5 years. Sis. Roja has also been anointed by the Lord and she is actively involved in the Ministry. She travels often to Kothagudem (300 kms) to preach the Word and to be available to the congregation at Kothagudem as and when required.

Grace Revolution Church (Resurrection of Jesus Ministries) has grown in to an integral place of worship for local residents, with regular Sunday services and numerous events throughout the year. However in living up to our name, we carry out the work of God well beyond the walls of the church organizing crusades in other cities, towns and villages.

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For Personal Prayers

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, who-so-ever is interested in meeting me in person, getting prayed upon and receiving personal prophecy may please contact : 8341618289, 9494581712, 7675076754 for an appointment. Jesus Bless